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Evolved Enterprise File Services
Company-wide file sharing and archiving on your terms
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Feature rich
Let users access, share and archive files from any device, anywhere. Secure, password-protected and audited—no VPN required.
Enterprise scale
Whether you have 20 users or 20 million users, rely on the secure cloud trusted by industry-leading companies around the world.
Intelligent hybrid deployment
Manage on-site storage in one or more locations with optional mirroring to the cloud of your choice.
Developer friendly
Instantly add unlimited scale-out storage, file sharing, search and user authentication to your apps.
Providing seamless access and collaboration on petabytes of patient records, medical images and more in compliance with healthcare regulations.
Architecture and engineering
Enabling architects and engineers to store and share massive CAD drawings, BIM models and 3D renderings—instantly.
Increasing ARPU by offering users unlimited cloud storage and automatic backup as a complement to mobile phone plans for leading telcos around the globe.
Providing anywhere access and instant sharing of surveillance videos, RAW photos, uncut movies and more.
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